Do you have loose-fill Asbestos Insulation in your roof void?

Do you have loose-fill Asbestos Insulation in your roof void?

Canberra-based company Mr Fluffy installed loose-fill asbestos insulation in the ceiling spaces of ACT and NSW premises in the 1960s and 1970s. If disturbed, loose-fill asbestos fibres can become airborne and breathed in, which may cause health risks. The NSW Government has determined that demolition, comprehensive site remediation and disposal are the only options to remove the health risk from affected properties.

Loose-fill asbestos is unlike other forms of asbestos. The building inspection report won’t confirm the presence of loose-fill asbestos and it can’t be identified by sight alone. The only way to confirm whether a home is affected by loose-fill asbestos insulation is to have it tested by a licensed asbestos assessor.

If the test results demonstrates that the property is affected, owners of premises built before 1980 may be eligible for inclusion into the NSW Government’s Voluntary Purchase and Demolition Program.

BRC Property Inspections are licensed asbestos assessors and can provide you with the information required to proceed with removal.


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